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by Jim Episale

Illegals by Jim Episale, May, 1999

Terry's Place was located in St. John Parish, Louisiana. It was about 25 miles north of New Orleans on the north side of Highway 61 (also known as Airport Road) The place was located in a building that today is occupied by the Corvette Lounge.

Terry's Place was owned by Morris Terry, known locally as Mr. Brown with minor interests being held by two of his brothers. It was open in the forties and fifties and it has been said that Huey Long was a customer.

A total of 177 chips were found of which there are 16 different they are as follows:

  • 2 yellow MT (Morris Terry) $50.00 obverse
  • 3 green MT (Morris Terry) N/D
  • 2 red MT (Morris Terry) N/D
  • 26 Grey $1.00 Terry's Place
  • 12 Green $1.00 Terry's Place
  • 2 Dark Grey $1.00 Terry's Place
  • 6 Grey w/ 3 black inserts Terry's Place
  • 8 Black $5.00 Terry's Place
  • 4 Purple $25.00 Terry's Place
  • 35 beige Terry's Place N/D
  • 9 pink Terry's Place N/D
  • 14 maroon Terry's Place N/D
  • 9 orange Terry's Place N/D
  • 19 dark blue Terry's Place N/D
  • 21 light brown Terry's Place N/D
  • 2 red Terry's Place N/D
  • 3 misc. chips to faded to attribute a color

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