The Museum of Gaming History is growing and we need your support. The MoGH came to life in 2014 with the showing of exhibits at the El Cortez Hotel and the Mob Museum. We are working on showing several new exhibits in the coming year. The MoGH needs your support to fund these projects. We seek to grow the hobby by expanding interest in Gaming History. Please visit the MoGH Donation page.
Museum of Gaming History
An Educational Project of The Casino Chip & Gaming Token Collectors Club, Inc.
An IRS approved 501 (c) (3) Tax Exempt Not-For-Profit Corporation
Dedicated to the preservation and education of Gaming History


A Clear Mission
The mission of the Museum of Gaming History is to preserve collections, artifacts and archives for the purpose of educating the public through exhibitions, programs and information.

Expanding a Tradition
Founded by The Casino Chip & Gaming Token Collectors Club, Inc., a not-for-profit, educational organization dedicated to gaming history since 1988, the Museum provides a physical location in which to increase established success.

Exploring a Diverse Past
Gaming has held a place in traditional and popular culture for centuries worldwide. When motivations, style and technology change, gaming is adapted to serve the needs and desires of people. Artists represent it, writers discuss it, and destinations are built around it. Gaming can be simultaneously celebrated or criticized, leisurely or addictive, legal or illegal. Learning multiple perspectives helps us understand what drives people to invest time and money in and around gaming. Preserving artifacts provides tangible references to study and enjoy. Engaging in public dialogue about such cultural traditions enables us to think critically about our past, present and future.

Providing International Access
The Museum of Gaming History is unique to the world, just as its location -- Las Vegas, Nevada. Nowhere else can we compare the multiple aspects of gaming across cultures and time while experiencing modern gaming in its grandest scale. This multi-faceted destination is readily accessible to an international audience of students, scholars, collectors, artists, entertainers, gaming industry employees, tourists and the general public alike.

Ensuring a Vital Future
The Museum seeks to act on its mission and foster international impact for generations to come. A facility will provide collection, archive, exhibition, retail and event space, as well as a state-of-the-art research environment, enabling members and visitors to interact in multiple ways. An endowment will fund permanent professional staff positions, build a research collection, provide the latest technology, and broaden the museum's impact in multiple arenas. To fulfill this vision, we invite those who embrace the values of historic preservation and contemporary models for learning to partner with us in ensuring a vital future for the Museum of Gaming History.

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