Gaming History - Week of December 30, 2007
December 30th
2007 - Sunday

1933 - Reno, NV.   The Stag Inn opened at 265 North Virginia Street. Primarily a bar, at various times the Stag offered slots, 21, craps, roulette, poker and faro. The Stag Inn closed in 1960 and Lincoln Fitzgerald purchased the property.
The Stag Inn is on the left, at the base of the arch

2005 - Biloxi, MS.   Palace Casino reopens as a land based casino.

December 31st
2007 - Monday

1958 - Cuba.   Fidel Castro takes over, casinos are closed.

1979 - Las Vegas, NV.   Royal Americana Hotel & Casino opens - later becomes the Paddlewheel.

1986 - San Juan, Puerto Rico.   Fire at Dupont Plaza kills 97.

1994 - New Orleans, LA.   Flamingo casino opens.

1996 - Las Vegas, NV.   Hacienda imploded.
Link to: Hacienda Implosion

1997 - Biloxi, MS.   Imperial Palace Casino opens.

Month of January Events
1946 - Reno, NV.   The Nevada Turf Club, at 34 East Commercial Row, opened as a race book. Shortly after they opened, table games and slots were added. Accused of accepting out-of-state bets, the owner closed the club in February of 1955. A year later the club reopened, under a different license holder, but remained open for only a few months.

1946 - Reno, NV.   The Winmor Club was licensed at 146 North Center Street, the former location of The Wheel.

1960 - Reno, NV.   Jarrad's opened at 2400 South Virginia Street, with one 21 game and three slot machines. On November 7, 1960, the State of Nevada closed the club, for alleged cheating on the 21 game.

2009 -   Happy New Year.

January 1st
2008 - Tuesday - New Years Day

1946 - Reno, NV.   The Palomar Club, on the Verdi Highway, was licensed for craps, roulette and 21 for six months.

1949 - Las Vegas, NV.   Thunderbird Hotel & Casino opens at 2755 Las Vegas Blvd. South.
Thunderbird $5 chip

1951 - Las Vegas, NV.   Clover Club opens at 128 Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas.

1958 - Las Vegas, NV.   Bird Cage Casino opens at 100 East Fremont, downtown Las Vegas.

1961 - Reno, NV.   The Shadows Supper Club, at 5560 South Virginia Street, was licensed for slot machines, the in September it received a license for 21. The Club closed in October of 1962.

1971 - Las Vegas, NV.   Western Hotel & Casino opens at 899 East Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas.

1975 - Las Vegas, NV.   California Hotel & Casino opens at 12 Ogden Street, downtown Las Vegas.

1976 - Las Vegas, NV.   Paradise Hotel & Casino opens at 115 Tropicana Ave., closes 7 months later.

1977 - Las Vegas, NV.   Silverbird Hotel & Casino opens at 2755 Las Vegas Blvd. South - was Thunderbird.

1979 - Las Vegas, NV.   The Treasury Hotel & Casino opens at 115 East Tropicana Ave.

1981 - Palm Beach, Aruba.   Hart Sheraton Casino opens, closes 1 year later. Was the Aruba Sheraton Casino.

1991 - Swain Wharf, Aruba.   The Harbourtown Casino opens. In 1993 it became the Seaport Casino.

1993 - Clinton, Iowa.   Mississippi Belle II opens. Closes 6/21/2008.

January 2nd
2008 - Wednesday

1963 - Las Vegas, NV.   Lucky Casino opens at 117 East Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas.

2007 - St. Maarten, Dutch Antilles.   Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa Grand Opening.

January 3rd
2008 - Thursday

1995 - Biloxi, MS.   Biloxi Belle closes.

1997 - Las Vegas, NV.   New York New York Hotel & Casino opens at the corner of Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd.

January 5th
2008 - Saturday

1932 - Las Vegas, NV.   Nevada Club opens, downtown Las Vegas.
Nevada & Fortune Clubs in 1957, before the clubs were combined. In 1957 the Fortune Club, Nevada Club and adjoining Western Union office were combined into a new, larger, Nevada Club. A 75 foot marquee adorned the front of the building.

1948 - Las Vegas, NV.   Palace Bar opens on the Las Vegas Strip.

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