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Gaming History - Week of September 03, 2017
September 3rd
2017 - Sunday

1954 - Las Vegas Nevada.   The Castaways Hotel and Casino, formerly the Showboat Hotel and Casino was a hotel and casino located at the north end of the Boulder Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. The hotel consisted of a 19 story tower containing 445 rooms, a 80,000-square-foot (7,400 m2) casino and an adjacent RV park.The Showboat was built by William J. Moore of the Last Frontier and J. Kell Houssels of the Las Vegas Club for $2 million.The first resort within Las Vegas city limits, it had 100 rooms on two floors. While Moore and Houssels ran the hotel, the casino was leased by a group of managers from the Desert Inn, including Moe Dalitz. The Showboat opened on September 3, 1954. After several unsuccessful years, Joe Kelley took over management, and began successfully targeting local customers with forty-nine cent breakfast specials and other promotions.
Link to: Showboat Wikipedia

September 4th
2017 - Monday

1970 - Las Vegas, NV.   Coin Castle Casino opens at 15 East Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas - was the Northern Club and the Monte Carlo, later will be La Bayou.

2002 - Robinsonville, MS.   Isle of Capri casino closes.

September 5th
2017 - Tuesday

1977 - Reno, NV.   The Onslow Hotel opened at 133 North Virginia Street. The hotel boasted 182 hotel rooms, a supper club for dining and dancing, banquet and convention areas. The Onslow closed on September 30, 1989. The property remained idle until the Riverboat Hotel Casino opened there from 1993-1998.

September 6th
2017 - Wednesday

1905 - St Louis Missouri.   Milton Prell (September 6, 1905 June 2, 1974) was a hotel owner and developer most notable for his projects in Las Vegas, Nevada. Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, as a young man he moved to Los Angeles, California. He was good friends with Colonel Tom Parker, best known as the manager of Elvis Presley. Elvis married Priscilla in Prell's apartment at the Aladdin Hotel in a private wedding shielded from the media. Prell was married to Devorah Zion on July 9, 1945; they had one child, Sheila Prell (Sonenshine).
Link to: Milton Prell Wikipedia
Milton Prell

1950 - Las Vegas, NV.   Golden Slipper Casino opens, Las Vegas Strip - closes in 3 months, becomes Silver Slipper .

1972 - Las Vegas, NV.   Money Tree Casino opens at 2456 Las Vegas Blvd. south, Las Vegas Strip.

September 7th
2017 - Thursday

1956 - Reno, NV.   Old Cathay Club opened at 222 Lake Street, catering to Asian customers. The club closed after less than eight months, when the owners license was revoked for improper operations.

September 8th
2017 - Friday

1947 - Las Vegas, NV.   Blue Heaven Club opens at 3415 South 5th Street, on the Las Vegas Strip.

1949 - Las Vegas, NV.   El Rancho Rio opens at 3183 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas Strip.

September 9th
2017 - Saturday

1931 - Reno, NV.   Hutton's Hut opened at 4245 West Fourth Street, licensed for craps, 21 and roulette. It was a restaurant that offered a dance floor, a bar and a clubroom, along with the steak and chicken dinners that it was known for. The gaming lasted for only two months, though Mr. & Mrs. Hutton continued to operate the restaurant for many years. In 1944 this was the site of the Villa Sierra, then from 1945-1946 it operated as Reno's Chicken Hut. From 1946-1952 it was Villa Sierra once again.

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